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PURPOSE: Improve and extend the volume, quality and reach of CWC external communications.

Our target audience is wide. Citizens, elected and appointed officials, media (print, radio, TV, web, etc.) in Indian River County as well as reaching out to the legislature in Tallahassee as needed. Increasing emphasis on reaching younger audiences.

Maintain all mailing lists for Partners, Donors, Friends. This includes our email list, which is currently housed in MailChimp. Experience in Constant Contact or Mail Chimp is needed. Create and execute (with the help of volunteers) a communication plan e.g., monthly e-newsletters, weekly or bi-weekly e-blats legislative updates, annual report to partners, donors and friends, etc.

Maintain Website, Facebook page and other presences on the web as they arise. Social media and the internet are always changing and there may come a day when a new platform is ‘in’ and we’d need to be on there. Extra experience in social media, such as with Instagram or Tik Toc to appeal to younger audiences is a plus.

Handle and/or route comments from electronic communication or from snail mail to where they need to go. Work with volunteer board of directors to help facilitate mission.

With volunteer support write and/or circulate letters, Op Eds, articles etc. to media as well as publicizing them to our partners and supporters via email. Keep and archive all of correspondence the organization sends or receives (digital is fine) so we can look back easily and see what we did. Create and maintain a searchable archive of all articles, op eds, videos etc. published by or about CWC and environmental issues in general.

The coordinator will attend monthly Board meetings when needed, except Executive Sessions, but will not vote.

Create and/or administer promotional activities designed to raise CWCs profile and promote action by legislative, governmental and administrative agencies. Public speaking may be a part of this job. Liaison with government boards and elected officials. Must be personable and a good listener as well as able to retain and communicate complex ideas and information, all while staying cool under stress/pressure.

The crux of the position is figuring out how to take complicated ideas and make them into things that non-involved people can understand and care about. Must be able to learn new thoughts and ideas and be willing to reconsider and review positions as new insight or data becomes available.



Mission: The Clean Water Coalition of Indian River County (CWC) is dedicated to the protection and restoration of our waters through advocacy, education, conservation , and restoration; by working in collaboration with private and governmental entities. Vision: We envision the surface and ground waters of Indian River County to be clean and healthy; the foundation of our social and economic well-being for current and future generations. The CWC is an independent, unifying voice to protect and restore the surface and ground waters of Indian River County; connecting and coordinating with community partners to maximize effort toward this shared vision. We envision complete restoration of healthy surface waters and an ecosystem teeming with diverse fish and wildlife: a place where we can take our families to swim, fish, and recreate without fear. We envision a plentiful supply of clean and safe drinking water for current and future generations. The Clean Water Coalition of Indian River County, Inc. is a Florida Not-for-Profit Corporation designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

The Communications Coordinator will work mainly from their home or other of-site location of their choice. They will report to the President or his designee but may work closely with any Board Member depending on the subject or project

They will provide her own Computer and related equipment, car, internet connection, etc. They will be able to commit small expenditures, criteria to be determined, from time to time.

On average the coordinator will expend about 10 hours/week, 48 weeks a year on CWC activities. There are some weeks where could be either higher or lower, flexibility is needed.

A competitive salary (to be negotiated based on skill and experience) will be paid monthly and an expense allowance to cover cell phone and internet cost, computer supplies, general office expenses and local travel. Other approved expenses will be reimbursed.

To apply, email your resume and cover letter to opportunity@cwcirc.org.

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