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Troubled Waters

"Earlier this year, leaders of the Clean Water Coalition presented Indian River Community Foundation with a request for $50,000 to be used to help homeowners like the 106 referenced above to participate in the septic to sewer conversion process instead of having

to come out of pocket outright up front. It was an interesting request, albeit one that was competitively declined in favor of using limited discretionary dollars to support other proven programs that benefited more vulnerable people directly.

I commend the Clean Water Coalition’s president, Paul Fafeita, and other volunteers I talked to who serve on the organization’s board of directors with him, such as Judy Orcutt, Bryan

Corrigan, and Keith Drewett. Their pragmatic approach to bringing an equitable solution to

a major environmental and economic problem is admirable. It also makes sense in a community that is both generous and, at times, risk-averse with public dollars and private


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