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One need only to read this year’s Florida headlines to be aware of the water crises all around us. Toxic Blue Green Algae and Brown Tide killing our coastal estuaries, Red Tide blooms causing massive fish kills in the ocean and high e-coli bacteria closing our local beaches. We must do more! We must take action to prevent excess nutrient pollution in our waters.

Upcoming Events

City of Sebastian Workshop on the Proposed Graves Bros. annexation:
   June 30th 11:30AM – 1:30PM
Marine Industries Assoc – 15th Annual Treasure Coast Waterway Cleanup – July 23rd
Changing Seas – The PBS presentation on the IRL Seagrass issue –

   Episode 3&4 Wed. June 29th  at 8PM-9PM on WPBT
   Episode 1&2 Sun. June 26th at 8PM-9PM on WXEL
   Episode 3&4 Sun. July 3rd at 8PM-9PM on WXEL

July 19 - 8:30 AM - City of Vero Breach Stormwater Utility Hearing

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The goal of the Clean Water Coalition is not to just raise concerns, but to advocate for effective changes to protect our waterways and thus our property values, our economy and our health.  Please take the time to read more of the information on this website about water quality in our County and our initiatives for clean water.