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Riverside Park Revegetation

Revitalizing Riverside Park's Ecosystem

The Riverside Park Revegetation Project, spearheaded by the Clean Water Coalition of Indian River County (CWC), marks a significant stride in ecological restoration. This innovative project was launched following the removal of mangroves for flood control, creating a unique opportunity to enhance the park's natural defenses against erosion and pollution.

The Transformation of a Drainage Canal

At the heart of this initiative is the creation of a salt marsh perimeter along a drainage canal within Riverside Park. By planting four distinct species of salt marsh plants, we are not only aiming to stabilize the shoreline but also to establish a vibrant habitat that supports diverse marine life and filters stormwater runoff.

Progress and Challenges

Our goal was ambitious: to achieve 95% vegetative cover within two years. While there have been challenges, including some maintenance misunderstandings, we're encouraged by the resilience and growth of many of these plants. Despite initial setbacks, the project is on track to become a showcase of successful environmental stewardship.

A Blueprint for Future Endeavors

This project is more than just a local initiative; it's a learning experience that has the potential to shape future ecological efforts across the region. We aim to apply the valuable insights gained from this project to similar, larger-scale initiatives, further enhancing the ecological function of the Indian River Lagoon.

Educational Outreach and Community Engagement

As the Riverside Park site continues to recover and flourish, plans are underway to install an informational board and interpretive panels. These will serve not only as educational resources for visitors but also as a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together for a common environmental cause.

Join Us in This Green Journey

We invite the community to witness the transformation at Riverside Park and join us in celebrating the resilience of nature. Your support and engagement are vital as we continue to work towards creating a healthier, more biodiverse Indian River Lagoon.

Stay tuned for more updates as we move closer to realizing our vision of a fully revitalized Riverside Park.



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