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Fertilizer Summer Ban Reminder

To residents of Indian River County, the City of Vero Beach, Sebastian, and Orchid:

This is a reminder from the CWC and the Indian River Neighborhood Association that the fertilizer ordinance will soon be in effect. We are coming into our rainy season when more nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous (as well as herbicides, pet waste, etc,) are likely to be washed from our lawns, driveways and roads into the storm water system and, ultimately, into the Lagoon. 

The fertilizer ordinances passed by our communities goes into effect June 1. It prohibits the use of lawn fertilizer between June 1 and September 30. No fertilizer containing Phosphorous is to be used at any time. All fertilizers must contain at least 50% slow release Nitrogen. Finally, no fertilizer is to be applied within 10 feet of any water body.

If you use a lawn care provider, please discuss these regulations with them and ask them not to blow grass clippings onto the road or into storm drains.  This vegetation contains the nutrients from fertilizer that only adds to the pollution of our waterways. 

For details regarding the ordinance and fertilizing tips, please see the County’s website: or email Alexis Peralta, the County’s Storm water educator and fertilizer enforcement officer, at

For your health and the health of our waterways, complying with the fertilizer ordinance is more important than ever as excess nutrients encourage the growth of harmful algal blooms. These blooms are already being reported in other parts of our State.

IRNA, one of our partners, have bumper stickers about this blackout period. If you would like one for your vehicle(s), please email us at and we’d be happy to get you one. Here is what the stickers look like:

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